Color Dots - Music Draw

Rhythm Games for Casual Focus Fun

The app helps you RELAX and easy to play! Unlock amazing new levels with a tap to destroy the dots at the best time. Strong FOCUS is required! Try to beat the top challenge now and enjoy this serene yet potentially stress inducing game!

  • Relax with 100+ serene and colorful levels.
  • Infinity possibilities with progressive spawning levels.
  • Quick and casual gameplay. Be ready to connect the dots at the top of the line!
  • Peaceful and fun to meditate with, enjoy good karma.
  • Fluid menu design and satisfying game loop.
  • Serene auto tune music and magic piano sound effects.
  • Magic piano music and sounds create infinity flavors of moody rhythm.
  • Full of color and calm tones, connect four different lane shades as you advance the levels.
  • Don't miss the dots in the pool for each period tracker.
  • Ranked part of Top Best Games 2015 and the best meditation app!
  • Beat your high score for infinity mode and connect with friends to challenge them!
  • Draw a line with your eyes to determine how soon the dots will be in the column

Auto tune your senses to respond and react the best you can.

Play it anywhere: on the bus, toilet, at school or work. Enjoy it after a stressful day to relax and feel at peace. Or wake up and play, a great way to elevate your senses and connect your mind. Become the best dots period tracker and timing master of 2015!


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