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Oh hello there. How nice of you to stop by! Please, grab a seat... and if you're sitting already then grab a foot-rest!

Since you're browsing this site, that could only mean one thing! You, my [new] friend, must be in some way shape or form an artist, programmer, or gamer! Well that's good, so am I (particularly the last one). The reason for all this may or may not be because I've been playing video games since I was 2 years old (no joke)! Duck hunt for NES was the first game I humbly sat in front of hours on end; I'm a gamer and it seems like a lot of people in my generation are too, probably 'cuz we grew up alongside the technology.

I identified myself as an artist through most of middle-school and high school, but also grew a technical mind in college by earning a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. With all that plus having "studied" videogames for 23-or-so years and counting, I would say I'm more than qualified enough to be an indie games developer. And man oh man how much easier it's getting for people to do so. The tools are simply magnificent!

Back in February 2012, I had been working as a web developer for a bustling email marketing firm. Despite the success I've achieved for my life and carreer, I decided that my definition of success had somehow gradually changed; a great job and salary in the most tech-innovative location on earth wasn't the extent of my dreams. Game development has always been on the backend of my work- as a hobby. It took me at least a year to finally pull the trigger and give indie game development a shot, full-time. It's been a great and self-fulfilling experience so far, but success isn't easy. That's partly why I'm always looking for more talent to collaborate with! I'm currently scrambling about to put together a mobile game that I hope will be an app store blockbuster! Driven by passion, imagination, and +12 dexterity, I hope this dream becomes a reality.

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