Tutoring and App Rundowns

I offer you two services within my skillset. Choose one or both, and send your questions or requests directly to me! I am prompt with email, and can usually respond within a day.

Corona Indie Developer Rundown

This is a 1-2 hour Code Review (depending on complexity), and a 30-minute Skype session that covers your app's:

  • Organization: Class Structure, Object-Oriented Programming, Modularity
  • Performance: Use of Localization, Pooling, Logic
  • General Tips: Event Dispatching, Do-it-yourself Transitions, etc.
  • Q&A: Anything else you'd like to discuss!

The rundown is a flat $125 cost. In addition, you'll get one month subscription to my weekly "Quick Programming Tips" by email for free!

Corona Tutoring

Tutoring starts with a Rundown of your app-in-progress (if you have one), which provides a good starting point for lessons/ discussion. Or if you like, we could jump into any specific topic you choose. You may recieve any number of one-hour lessons (I recommend a minimum of 3), spaced out once or twice a week, so I can answer any simple questions you may have inbetween via email.

The structure of the lessons can be formed better after our first conversation, but we can generally cover anything you'd like. Tutoring costs $75 per session, and you get a free lifetime subscription to my weekly "Quick Programming Tips" by email!.

Credibility: Although I'm still in the process of finishing my first game, I believe that a quality app is more valuable than numbers. I graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from UC Davis, California. I've been a programmer since high school, and I've been working with Corona for over 2 years. Read some of my blog posts to better see my expertise on the topic.

Friendability: Every connection is valuable! I believe that becoming a part of the developer community is essential to success, and provides unforseen opportunities. Us indie devs gotta stick together, and we're a type like no other. Let's push the boundaries of our imaginations and bring them life... because we can!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you decide that my teachings lack insight or value, then I'll gladly return your money. To me, this is not about monetary gains as much as it is about involving myself in the developer community.

Payments can be made all at once or after each session. Early payments guarantee you priority scheduling.

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