OOP-Lua Project Files

Mouse Run for Corona SDK

Mouse Run is a game that demonstrates Object-Oriented programming principles in Lua, and can be simulated in Corona SDK. The complete project files are available for download, and provide you with a way to quickly wrap your head around how to properly structure your app or game, by example! Test it on your device before buying (link above)!

Features include:

  • Encapsulation, Custom Events, Inheritance, and Polymorphism
  • Optimized for Graphics 2.0
  • Organized folder and asset structure
  • Comments in code for easy understanding
  • Pause and Resume functionality
  • Handling for Audio sfx and Music
  • Simple point-based collision detection
  • Dynamic character movement
  • Use of Corona's Storyboard
  • Lifetime Project updates
  • Deliviered Instantly to your inbox!

[v1.3 - updated Dec 18, 2013]

Available now for

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