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Why is ArdentKid's Project Files ar BETTER than others?

  • Encapsulation, Custom Events, Inheritance, and Polymorphism
  • Optimized for Graphics 2.0
  • Organized folder and asset structure
  • Comments in code for easy understanding
  • Customizable JSON data
  • Use of Corona's Storyboard
  • Lifetime Project updates
  • Deliviered Instantly to your inbox!

This is not code that's been slapped together like many other vendors provide. This code is an example of the product of my years of meticulous studies in game making and programming. It coheres to the Object-Oriented programming principles I've demonstrated in Lua, and can be added to any Corona SDK project with just one line of code! Customization is made easy by the use of JSON datafiles. You get quality code, free customer service, and updates for life!

[v1.1 - updated Dec 18, 2013]


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