OOP-Lua Project Files


"Your Mouse Run demo has been very helpful in getting up and running with OOP in Lua for Corona SDK. I'm new to Corona and Lua, but have many years of experience in C# development for web and windows applications. I am currently in the design phase of my first Corona app. I'd like to have my code modular so I can re-use in future projects. I found many examples of OOP in Lua and was not sure which approach to take. Yours seemed the most straight forward with detailed explanations of the OOP concepts in Lua and of course it is geared towards development in Corona SDK." -willupc

"I recently decided to try my hand at OOP and with the Corona sdk. I really enjoyed ArdentKid's OO-Lua tutorial, and my interest lead me to buy his "Mouse Run" project demo. It is one thing to read his *very well-written* tutorial, but being able to see the full code file setup boosted my understanding a lot. The demo project is simple enough but not trivial, so you really can learn and apply what's there. Again the free tutorials are great but combined with the game template it becomes dynamite! Moreover, the support is FIRST rate!" -LairdGames

Misc/ Beta Code

AK-Tween Library (v0.4)

A Corona library for Predeterminite Tweening. This will help boost performance of your app if you have a lot of transitions that don't require runtime calculation (for example, character part animations). Library is available as-is, and comes with a benchmark app to test performance/ functionality.

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